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Safemode is a metalcore band from Uppsala, Sweden. The band started in the spring of 2007, inspired by bands such as Underoath, Blindside, and The Devil Wears Prada etc.

In the spring of 2009, the band participated in the national music contest Rockkarusellen with 600 other bands. Safemode pulled of a great show, and with words from the jury as ”excellent songs”, ”speed and energy” and ”great contact with the audience”, Safemode stood as winners. A tour in Sweden followed with 16 concerts, including a concert at the famous Arvika Festival, which attracted the attention of Swedish press, where Safemode received good critics. The band also toured Germany and released two self-produced EPs.

In August 2010, Safemode recorded and released their 10 track debut album For A Better Tomorrow that was followed by a short release tour in Sweden. They also released their first music video for the song I’ll Show You The Exit.

In January 2011 the album was re-released in 25 countries all over the world, and a second video was shot: A Little Cry For Help. The same year, Safemode toured with Sleeping Giant and The Almost in Latin America.

The band also managed to win the Red Bull Bedroom Jam’s competition, along with performing at the after party at Sonisphere Festival in Stockholm in front of bands like In Flames and Slipknot.

Safemode finished off an eventful year by touring Europe as supporting act to American band Showbread. They played in countries like Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, and Austria.

In 2012 the band went to London to record pre-productions of some new songs at Red Bull Studios.

In 2013, Safemode recorded and released the EP Gold Digger along with a video for the song Gold Digger: Sam. The music from that EP was picked up by several radio stations across America and the song Another Day Will Haunt You reached first place on RadioU’s Most Wanted list.

In January 2014 Safemode toured Latin America for the second time, this time as headlining band.

The popularity of Safemode continued to increase, especially in countries like Germany, the Netherlands and USA.

During the year of 2015, Safemode started working on their second full-length album and a crowd-funding campaign was launched to support the recording of the album. The band entered the studio to work with producer Dino Medanhodzic (For A Better Tomorrow, Gold Digger) and the foundation of the new album started to come together.

Later on that year, Safemode attended Sweden Rock Festival for the first time to play a show along with world famous artists such as Toto, Slash etc.

In 2016 Safemode released the crowd-funded second full length album Colorblind featuring the song This Is Not The End which has been streamed over 500 000 times on Spotify.

In 2016 Safemode once again headlined a tour in Latin America.

In 2017 Safemode released the single This Is Now. The same year Safemode headlined the kRock Festival (Kherson, Ukraine) in front of a crowd of 8.000.

In 2018 the band returned for the fourth time to Latin America further increasing the band’s fanbase.

The band released the single and music video No Matter in 2019. The music video was partially shot in Colombia which meant gasoline on the fires of all the fans begging for a return of Safemode.

During the autumn of 2019 Safemode headlined the Nordic Fest in Oslo, Norway.

Safemode’s future is looking bright, and the band is set to release their third full-length album A Golden Horizon during 2023.

Tjet Gustafsson: Lead vocals, guitar
Edward Säll: Guitar
Felix Posner: Bass
Robin Castañeda: Drums


“JONO & Friends” – New video podcast

“JONO & Friends” – New video podcast

October 9, 2021 // “JONO & Friends” – New video podcast First episode of the new video Podcast JONO & Friends is out today! Host is Jonatan Samuelsson (Narnia, Starmen) and first guest is Tjet Robin Gustafsson (Safemode). The duo has a real...








Press reviews


“Iron hand in a velvet glove” Metal Integral, France

“I’ll be waiting over here for the band to make an appearance in the US.” I AM Tuned Up, USA

“A wonderful access to the genre” MMBC, Germany

“They certainly do belong in the elite division” Roth’n’Roll, Sweden

“A marvelous work” Necromance, Spain

“The band uses all the arsenal they have to produce a heavy yet melodic sound, and trust me they can’t go wrong with this eclectic style.” 
The Metal Resource –, The Netherlands

Gold Digger

“If “With Roots Above and Branches Below” era The Devil Wears Prada and Saosin had a baby, this might be what would result.
… Safemode is a band to watch. Look for them to play the US more often this year.” I Am Tuned Up, USA

“When you put it all together, you may think it would come up short, but this album carries you on a journey you’d be hard pressed to match with any 10-track album on the market today.” HM Magazine, USA

“While waiting for the album… There is only one solution: to put Gold Digger on repeat-(Safe)mode!” Metal Integral, France

“Something that stands a part of the crowd with future potential” The Metal Resource, Netherlands

“Taking home the jackpot” Noizegate Music Magazine, Sweden

“Convincing return” Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden

“A very hungry band that deliver megaheavy riffs and supercatchy choruses” Roth’n’Roll, Sweden

For A Better Tomorrow
(Re-release 2011)

“After headbanging my head and neck sore, I simply had to buy that CD” Mauce – The Metal Resource, Netherlands 

“Heavy and mature” Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden

Melodic and heartfelt” Nurocks, Spain

“A sonic roller coaster ride” Ice Vajal, Germany

“Quite sharp” Joyzine, Sweden

“Great debut by a promising band” Ikon1931, Sweden

“Heavy and hopeful” Dagen, Sweden


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