“JONO & Friends” – New video podcast

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“JONO & Friends” – New video podcast

October 9, 2021 // “JONO & Friends” – New video podcast

First episode of the new video Podcast JONO & Friends is out today! Host is Jonatan Samuelsson (Narnia, Starmen) and first guest is Tjet Robin Gustafsson (Safemode).

The duo has a real good time, sharing laughs, common tour memories, and gives us a WORLD PREMIERE by letting us listen to a snippet from the upcoming Safemode-album A Golden Horizon, along with a new recording of the song Another Day Will Haunt You.

This video podcast is maybe some kind of spontaneous sequel to the online music tv-show WahWah, for which Jonatan was host for. But this time, the focus is to promote bands from JONOs roster and also friends, co-workers and other interesting people.

Prepare for a show mainly about music, a bit of humor in Swenglish (Swedish/English) and interesting guests!

We hope you will like it as much as we enjoyed making this!

Episode on YouTube: