Press release: Today Starmen release the third single & video – ‘Liar’ – from their fourth album: ‘Starmenized’!

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Press release: Today Starmen release the third single & video – ‘Liar’ – from their fourth album: ‘Starmenized’!

Stockholm, Sweden August 18th, 2023

Swedish hardrock-band Starmen today release ’Liar’, which is the opening track and third single and video from their fourth album, ’Starmenized’. This uptempo song introduces the band’s new drummer with a blast and continues the countdown to the album release via Melodic Passion Records and Sound Pollution on September 8, 2023.

The album opens with double kick beat by the band’s new drummer Silver Starman aka John Hector in the song ‘Liar’, where Purple Starman aka Andreas Lindgren also gets to show his skills as a guitar hero. A real flying start that shows a hungry band, ready for new adventures. This is also the third single and video from the upcoming album ’Starmenized’.

– We like hard rock from the 70s and 80s, so the musical inspiration for “Liar” in particular is certainly recognizable from that time, says the band’s frontman Kristian Hermanson and is supported by the band’s bassist Jonatan Samuelsson.

– Very fun to open the whole record with that particular song. The double stomp shows our energy right now, concludes Samuelsson.

The album has a fitting graphic theme that consistently revolves around superheroes and rock stars in a retro comic book style.

Out of the album’s 10 tracks, Starmen will release at least 8 videos and this is the third. The level of ambition is at its peak and there are also rumors that the band is preparing to follow up the album live.

’Starmenized’ is produced by Kristian Hermanson and released via the record company Melodic Passion Records in collaboration with Sound Pollution Distribution September 8th, 2023.

Starman Red (Kristian Hermanson): Lead vocals, rhythm guita
Starman Gold (Jonatan Samuelsson): Bass, vocals
Starman Purple (Andreas Lindgren): Lead guitar, vocals
Starman Silver (John Hector): Drums, vocals

Melodic Passion: