Press release: ‘Stygn’ (‘Stitches’), the tenth studio album by Jerusalem released in December

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Press release: ‘Stygn’ (‘Stitches’), the tenth studio album by Jerusalem released in December

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The legendary rock band Jerusalem from Sweden will release their tenth studio album ‘Stygn’ (‘Stitches’) on CD December 15th. First, the album will be released in Swedish, but an English version is also planned later.

Jerusalem started in 1975 and is considered one of the first Christian rock bands. Since then, the band has toured the world and released many studio albums, live albums, and compilations, which have been considered legendary with great success in the US and chart toppers. The band’s founder and frontman Ulf Christiansson, who was previously ranked as Sweden’s best rock voice by Sweden Rock Magazine, has also released ten solo albums.

But now a long-awaited new studio album with Jerusalem is finished. Something that has been in demand since the band released their latest studio album, She in 2010. In addition, the band will follow up with an English version of the album later.

This time, several of the band’s former members participate, along with the current lineup. Something that raises the interest even more for die-hard fans as well as new listeners. In addition, they take a step towards their musically heavier roots, which are more about riff-based hard rock with 70s influences like on the album Warrior, than the slightly poppier U2-inspired sound found on records like Prophet and She.

– We have really had a long journey with this album. Perhaps the longest we have had in the history of Jerusalem. But we are really excited and happy to finally release it. The whole band is very grateful for all the support from fans around the world who followed the journey, says the band’s singer and guitarist Ulf Christiansson and continues:

– My son Philip, who has played with us since the Father 2 Son tour in 2014, is making his debut as a songwriter, guitarist and singer, so it feels inspiring to have new blood in the band, now that Philip is making an entrance in earnest.

In addition to Ulf and Philip Christiansson on vocals and guitar, Anders Mossberg on bass, Michael Ulvsgärd on drums and CJ Grimmark on keyboards are part of the band. Grimmark has also mixed the album and Daniel Fossum has mastered. In addition, former members Peter Carlsohn participate on bass, as well as former keyboardists Reidar I Paasche (f d Paulsen) and Danne Tibell.

The new album will be released in Swedish on CD December 15th and digitally December 29th via Pierced Records and Jonatan Samuelsson‘s label JONO Music with distribution via Sound Pollution.

Ulf Christiansson: Lead vocals, guitar
Philip Christiansson: Backing & lead vocals, guitar
Anders Mossberg: Bass
CJ Grimmark: Keyboards, guitar
Michael Ulvsgärd: Drums

Peter Carlsohn: Bass
Reidar I Paasche: Keyboards
Danne Tibell: Keyboards