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Safemode – Colorblind


Colorblind is Safemode’s second studio album, released in May 2016.

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Colorblind is Safemode’s second studio album, and will be released in May 2016. The album is produced by Dino Medanhodzic (Radionika Stockholm).

Safemode is finally back with their second full-length album Colorblind.
With 12 solid tracks Colorblind becomes an outstanding and hard hitting album which must not be missed.

Safemode brings the energy back from debut album For a Better Tomorrow with heavy screaming and perfect melodies.

All 12 tracks are very well written and everything from production to art-work is beyond standard.

The music has evolved to a more mature and darker sound without losing it’s high energy and melodic feeling. The lyrics are deep and paints a heartbreaking story of losing someone you hold dear but the important message of hope is still prominent.

Be sure to not miss this game changing album that is set for world wide release May 16th 2016!

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