VIVA featuring ANDERS MOSSBERG – Divina

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VIVA featuring ANDERS MOSSBERG – Divina

  • Release date: 2020-07-03
  • Label: Adora & JONO
  • Catalog #: ADO27CD

Record label Adora introduces the new instrumental hymn series Viva!

 We constantly get requests for instrumental music that creates a nice atmosphere, and now the time has come to launch our new instrumental hymn-series Viva. says Jonatan Samuelsson, founder and owner of Adora.

Viva is an album series with focus on the songs rather than a certain artist. This means that the participating musicians on the albums will vary.

The first artist in this series is a well-known bassplayer Anders Mossberg (Jerusalem, Larm!, freelance-musician, etc.). He has played on, recorded and produced the songs on Divina – the first album in the new series Viva.

Well-known hymns like Amazing GraceMajesty and Find Me In The River, are mixed with lesser known songs like the Norwegian folk-hymn, Eg vet i himmelrike ei borg (I know a castle in heaven).

This is first class instrumental hymns, with a few wordless vocal parts. An album that works just as well in the background as being actively listened to. Or why not sing along?

Together with prominent instrumental soloists from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark such as CJ Grimmark (NarniaJerusalem, etc.), Lars Petter Berg (Kungliga Operan Oslo), Dan Tibell (XTJerusalem, Larm!), Linnéa Villén (Sønderjyllands Symphony Orchestra), and Anne Nielsen (freelance-singer/actress), Anders puts his own personal stamp on the production and the performances in this album.


Anders Mossberg – Electric bass, fretless bass, upright bass, Bass VI, percussion, nylon and steel stringed acoustic guitars, electric guitar, organ, piano, keyboards, programming and loops
CJ Grimmark – Electric guitar (Amazing Grace)
Dan Tibell – Hammond B3 (More Love), piano (Find Me In The River)
Lars Petter Berg – Oboe (Min Verdi)
Anne Nielsen – Vocals (Divina)
Linnéa Villén – Flute (Breathe)


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